No Hiding Your Talents and No Bad Dogs: Happy New Year

Three things to note.

1. Sandra Sinfield has been hiding her candles under a basket. We need to let her shine, a nova in the winter’s dark. No, really you gotta see these beautiful projects her students did.

2. You need to join us in celebrating her post below by helping to annotate it and share it. You can join Diigo here  and you can join the #ccourses annotation group here   AND if you don’t want to do either of those you can see what others are doing by clicking on this annotated link.

3. And last and least, but still pretty cool: did you know that you could embed stuff into the the Diigo annotation boxes? I embedded a picture via Flickr, a gif via Giphy, a sound file via Soundcloud, and a zeega inside Diigo text boxes. Diigo ain’t just a text annotation machine anymore! I have only gotten this to work within the Chrome browser so your mileage may vary.  Still being able to put reaction Gifs in the text box is a mongo Happy New Year’s gift for me.  I really don’t know why I hadn’t tried this earlier, but I did today thanks to Sandra’s post.  I just wanted to try to learn just as hard as she tries to teach.


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