Old Guy on Porch Reads Walden to Kids on Meerkat

One of the biggest problems folks have with embracing ad hoc online conversation is that there is a lot of friction from the decision to do it and doing it.  Maybe Meerkat has figured that out much as many online social photo apps have.  These are my first attempts at pure play in these sand lots.  YMMV. I surely hope so.


I am learning more myself and am sharing it here in this Storify.  I trust this will be of use to someone like @poh and @kfasimpaur who both have indicated that adhoc meetups with folks we know and appreciate are devoutly to be wished.  And for others (@sensor63 @Danceswithcloud  @taniatorikova @anna_phd @inspirepassion @dogtrax @dajbelshaw @Bali_Maha @wiobyrne @EatcherVeggies @davecormier @Clarissamfb @GardnerCampbell @cogdog).

The Storify below is in progress.  I am going to work in the garden and then work on this then cut some firewood then clean out the shed then work on this.  So…come back to it and see what has happened.

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    Do you know if Meerkat has an android or Windows version? I do not have an iPad or iPhone.

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