The Rain, It Pounds Down to the Effing Umpteenth Power: A Poem for Love and Against Numbers




39,430,257.6936 pounds.


That’s how much rain fell on our 43.5 acres this last week.   How many water molecules is that?

50,505 moles/ton of water

995,712,582 moles on our farm multiplied by the number of water molecules per mole (6.022 times 10 to the 23rd power)

5996181171.26 times 10 to the 23rd

That equals approximately 6 billion to the  23rd power or 6 to the 32nd power

And what does all that quantifying tell us?

Jack to the effing umpteenth power.


What Does the Rain Mean to the Land?


If you would walk with it

the land might bawl out

a parable,

The mushrooms would roar you

a song,

The trees could bellow

their sodden mouths

The pasture might

riot and shove

Answering your question,

“Jack to the umpeenth power!”


“Jack to the umpteenth power!”


“Jack to the umpteenth power!

And love,





A Big Little Idea Called Legibility



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    I can hear them.
    Thems big numbers. I can’t count so I’m bellowing with the trees.

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