What’s at the End of My Stick?

This appeared in my Google+ feed this morning. (I get so much inspiration from my G+ communities.) With the advent of an early spring, I used Pablo, my favorite, low friction tool for grabbing images and text and turned it into the image below.

pablo (14)

What is at the growing tip of your neurons? Spring is the time when we crash out of this torpid dormancy and send forth the root cap into the cold, dark soil. Where the hell is your root cap headed?

Root cap – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did you read the Wikipedia entry? The root cap has “gravity sensors”, it secretes protective slime just ahead of the growth, it might communicate with bacteria. Holy WTF-itude! The ‘rootcap’ of my neurons and glia must be even more complexly connected. What is the story about growth at the end of that stick?

I got the opportunity to think about this when my Writing Project asked me to present at their spring mini-conference. Carte blanche, just so long as I made passing reference to literacy. Here are the potential topics for presentation I send back to them.

When I was walking to the mailbox the other day I stopped to take some pictures with my camera and I wrote a note to myself about some more stuff growing at the end of my stick.

And some more from the previous morning in my journal. “10 Ways I can break smart”

So… I challenge you to answer

pablo (15)


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