Follow the Yellow Brick Road Down the Rabbit Hole as We Make the Way by Walking It

Breaking smart
is what happens when improvisation meets ‘oooopsortunity’ at a roundabout. What I am doing with the rest of this post is showing our work. I don’t think we make enough of the profound knowledge that comes from the narrative of deep work. I love Mimi Ito‘s acronym HOMAGO (Hanging out, messing about, geeking out), but I think we need to add to that “sharing out”–HOMAGOSO.)

1. Once upon a time I got an invitation to hypothesi.ze with Sarah and Simon,

touches of sense…

2. Simon sez he would prefer not to annotate even though it WAS his invitation,

3. I comment on his post,

4. Sarah enthuses that she wants a t-shirt and Simon offers one,

4. Kevin tweets that he doesn’t understand (clever trick that, a Socrates who knows that he knoweth naught),

5. Sarah and Simon try to disabuse his “ignorance”,

6. I suggest one thing,

7. And we are off to the pixemojigifivideocate races at Storify,


8. I am inspired by Simon’s Soundcloud short clip,

9. I want to honor how we blazed this improvised, iconoclastic trail as we walked and we played– a Zeega, “Reality Is Quotidien”,

10. I recorded the zeega with SnagIt so that I could do some self-reflection out loud and so that others can join in if they wish. Let’s all break smart here and share some deep talk about the nature of this media tilt-a-whirl we live on and live within,

(Aside: once we have some remarks in the Vialogue we can also annotate/critique it with May the recursion be with you.)


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    I’m laughing but, seriously, I don’t get the “this is not metaphor” exploration. Don’t you Socrates me! I’m a confusious man.

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      If I had an imaginary hammer, I’d ring it in the imaginary morning (but not in the evening).

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    A thought: is using Hypothesis an elitist act? (I know Jeremy will say, no way) Only those in the know have access? Starting to think that while I love Hypothesis (and I do), it hides conversations …. not sure what I am thinking right now, but that’s a Friday night for you.

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      I was thinking about how I couldn’t really control someone’s annotation of my page. Say the white supremacist group Stormfront had a flash mob annotation of one of our pages. Or the Governor of Kentucky sics his Tea Party blowhards on my political blog. Would that be defacing my blog? Could I ban folks from it?

      That scenario is pretty hilariously unlikely, but I bet it will at some point happen to some A-lister or some female blogger who is attacked by a cadre of misogynistic trolls. and other annotation tools need to anticipate this. Thanks for bringing up the elitist angle. For awhile today I couldn’t get access to some of my hypothesi.s notes. Frustrating.

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