How To Read My Poetry

I want to use the Penn State Modern Poetry class as my model for how to read a poem.

Here is their super simple analytical plan:

I have modified it a little to fit the idea that a blog using can be a “platform”

1) Read the poem and annotate with

2) Listen to a recording of the poet performing the poem. Respond in Vialogues.

3) Read our discussion of the poem in

4) Then join others reflecting on what they say.


Step One: 

Below is the text of the poem. This is open for annotation. I have seeded it with questions and adjacent possibilities:


Books remind us
of what we love,
ethical blazes
lit by others
then stoked
every time we return to them.
Spine and margin and cover and leaf
bursting to light and heat.
Paragraphs burning bright as meteors,
metaphors leaping as shiny as minnows,
our hearts
from page to page,
a gleaming,


Here is the poem embedded in an image if you prefer.  

Step Two: I will read it and we can comment on it using Vialogues

Step Three:  read discussion of poem in and Vialogues comments and create a page note in to share thoughts and ideas and other creative artifacts of your own or others.  Perhaps respond with media or text of your own.

Step Four:  Connect with others on this Dropbox collaborative page:–A88Ea3C6hZZ1ESAXA1mLTYMEAQ-pHyO4XNCl1aIq4KoX22Be




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    I’ve left you a poem, jumping and leaping and never finding its footing, always one step from the critical (inner as well as external). Begin there, go there, then there, and end up there. Always forward motion ….

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