I play about every day with the tools of the trade, that trade being teaching and learning.  I recently discovered the OCR tool in Snag-It that is super handy as I am pulling books off my shelf randomly, sharing what I find. I dip into these books and read a paragraph or two. If I find something and I have time in my schedule, I share. The friction between bookshelf and blog has been reduced substantially with these tools.

Here is one I grabbed recently because it seemed creepily in keeping with the creepy day and times we live in–Halloweeeeeen and blue moons and elections.



I saw a fascinating summary of “regression” in it and scanned it with my “Notes” app in iOS.

Recently, I discovered that scanned text can be imported into TechSmith’s Snag-It and read. This scan with Notes would be a good test.

Here’s the result copied and saved as plain text and fixed up in a Google Doc.

And the scan becomes a Pablo artifact:

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