Add Some Zest to Your Blog? Yes!

You can add a three minute screencast/audio to my blog by clicking on the lemon and grating a bit of a screencast. It’s called Zest and it works on this blog. What does it do? It allows you to annotate and comment on any part of my blog with the addition of a little piece of JavaScript in the background.

Here is a link to a comment I made to myself.

The comments are easy to record. Just click on the lemon icon floating about on the screen and a recording tool will pop up along with a cool cursor with a blue comet tail on it. You can scroll up and down within the post. You only get three minutes, but that is quite enough to make a quick comment.

The comment gets sent to your email and you can go to Zest site and view it there.

Lots of adjacent possible play here with this.  I love the idea of screencast comments. I sure wish has this capability.

Here is a Lumen video I used to promote the Zest tool.


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    Looks like a useful tool. If I understand it correctly, if I have the ZEST lemon on my blog, anyone, including myself, could create a short video talking about specific parts of an article, or the entire article. Is that right?

    In looking at your blog page, I don’t see the Lemon anywhere. Where should I look to see it?

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