Google Is Just Not That Into You: It’s All About the Money, Lebowski

I am always looking for ways to translate conventional writing practice into digital practice.  I especially like the strong links that are made in my mind when I weave back and forth between forms.

For example, I think close reading can be improved by moving from text to image and image to sound/music.  Below is an example of how I took some text from an opinion piece on Venture Beat,

Google Will Eventually Sell Ads Against Your Financial Data

and translated it to the multimedia tool, Lumen5.

Lumen5 is a serious outlier in the media creation market. Its developers have created a tool that automates the move from text to multimedia. Sometimes the AI it uses to do this is totally spot on. Sometimes not so much. This is not a serious criticism of the tool. You can start from scratch and create media artifacts of your own. I have done this with poetry. I have done it with angry rants.And been metaphysical AF, too..

What I did below was to argue with combination of quote and summary and image and sound. Not my own argument, but a mix of their words and my own.  I will definitely be trying this in my classes next semester, maybe use it as a final exam.

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