Using a Bot to Write a 55-Word Story

I am writing a 55-word short story alongside my English 200, Intro to Lit class.  I have laid out the criteria for the assignment, but it is often difficult to get those who can’t imagine being creative writers to… write creatively.  In my research project for my E300 class I am exploring this question: will “mighty scary AI” replace composition instructors at the college level?  Something I have been using to find keywords is super Chrome extension, Keywords Everywhere. I have a short screencast below to show you why I think it is super.  It solves a problem many of my students have in starting their research–finding worthy keywords.

I used these initial keywords search Google, “bot writing”. The screencast below is very rough but gives you the idea on cracking the keyword problem.  BTW, Keywords Everywhere is a Search Engine Optimizing tool designed to game the Google AdSense environment. Now I am using it to game the research environment.

This is a long way around the barn toward telling you how I used a bot to help me write my 55-word short story.

First, go to Talk to Transformer. When you get there start with a beginning to a story. I started with this:



Second, move the text to a word processor. I use IA Writer because it is a no-nonsense text editor. Easy and distraction free. I copied the original text from Talk to Transformer to IA Writer and spent about fifteen minutes on getting what I wanted down to 55 words, a requirement for the assignment. Here is my result.

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I know there is a bit of mystery getting from the bot story to my story.  Can’t be helped, but it it gets my proto-fiction writers even a little further down the road towards the ludic, then by all means…

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