Hospitality and Learning: A Useful Mental and Ethical Model

In the last five years of teaching I have come to think of my persona as a “learning concierge”.  I am here to help facilitate learning for the folk.  The quote below from Shake Shack CEO, Danny Meyer, fits that persona even though I am loathe to adopt business metaphors in teaching simply because that model has done so much harm to schools.  When you have a bottom line in learning, then the ethics of capital (non-existent as far as I can tell) rule. Yes, that means the war of all against all rules. Yet, the idea that hospitality can rule as an ethical principle, is baked into what Meyer says.  It seems you can do well by doing good by your people and work becomes worthy. Tell me what you think.

You can, also, hear an interview with Meyer on the Farnham Street podcast.


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