Hunters Gotta Kill…Everything that Moves

Gerald Carter, photographer

I ran across this story in NatGeo about the “goliath grouper” and how fisherfolks want to kill it again after a long hiatus.

I responded on my latest newsletter in the following unhappy pique:

Every hunter I have ever known, no exception, has been a wheedling nimrod whose plea is always the same: please let me come on your property to kill something. The fisherfolk are no exception: please let us kill the giant grouper again even though they are still under enormous existential threat from climate pressures like the red tide and changing water temperature.

Yet the fish hunters just want to kill, kill, kill, kill. I say let us not join their death cult. Let us protect the crazy goliath grouper. It may never be able to say thanks, but we can. Thanks, goliath grouper, for continuing to exist so that maybe someday my grandchild will be able to scuba nearby and say, “Hello.”

Maybe YMMV with hunters, but mine has been unreservedly tragic. They are always up to no good.  I say any investment against this evil is a worthwhile one. Invest against evil, the dividends are enormous.

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