Ten Steps: Buckwheat

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Kevin Hodgson created a prompt he called “ten steps”.  This is in response to his prompt.

It is also part of a larger consideration of the future of text that I have been researching of late.  I commented on Kevin’s all image/music artifact:

I am for the idea of image and music together and segregated from text. Text creates a gravity all its own. Why not just practice a disciplined use of signifying without text? I think this is the future, one where text plays second fiddle and is no longer the default. Imagine that future. It is already here and it is in the palm of our hands and you are practicing it with these ‘baby feldgangs’ of ten steps.

So the juicy questions for me are these:  what would our future be like if images and video were as easy to manipulate as text? And…are smartphones the signal from the future we need to explore that lead the way in our research?

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