An Argument for the Future of Text &a…

An Argument for the Future of Text & Image
Text is the gravity
of the norm.
Image and sound are 
the centrifugal interlopers.
Text is 

the default

the path of least resistance,

the minimum viable signal.

This desire line
favors text and paper,
but image and sound
are in the palm of your hands.
They hit,

a beacon,

afire from the future

emoticons signaling

always cycling back
like the optics in a lighthouse
lit and burning with the hiss of “what-if”.


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    Can “what if” act like a beacon, igniting the imagination and actions needed to fix some of the many problems mankind faces as the future comes crashing in on us?

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      I think it might be possible if we work at sensing the emerging signal that beacon is shining toward us. I believe the key is to observing, understanding, and acting upon the future that is drawing us toward it. If we fight that ‘draw’ it just might be the final act in the play of the human race. Also, note that the light from a lighthouse is a warning signal, pushing us away from the rocks.

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