Jane Bozarth Models How to Be a Curator/Teacher/Connector Par Excellente


Her’s is a short and unassuming review of Mike Rohde’s The Sketchnote Workbook, but it is so much more. (BTW, read Bozarth’s new book, Show Your Work. Companionable with Rohde.)

1. It is a course-in-a-post.
2. She notes why we should pay attention to it, i.e. why buy it.
3. She points to connected practices and communities.
4. She guides you to info that makes the book more useful than it already is.

Well.Done. I bought Rohde’s book and am playing about even now with it. This is a good model for being a curator/teacher/learner. We don’t just put the food down where the goats can get to it, we contextualize it with the reader, audience, and learner in mind. As I begin the Connected Courses MOOC over the fall, I will try to keep in mind that my role is to connect with others in order to learn more deeply how to connect others in my own courses. Yeah, yeah,yeah it is a recursive mirror of a rabbit hole wrapped in fractal and viewed through an electron microscope backwards, but I will try any way.


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